Let’s take a look at why so many great young rock talents die at 27 years old.  Was it money, fame, suicide, or just plain old drug abuse?  I have been tracking this phenomenon for at least 20 years.  Long before Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, and Brad Nowell died at that tragic age… I was watching.

Sure, there is the ‘big 3’ of Hendrix, Morrison, and Joplin.  All 27, and all dead within a year of each other.  Before that, though, we had:  Brian Jones, Robert Johnson, Pigpen, and list goes on.  I want to look at all of them, as a whole.  This will involve sweeping generalities.  Be aware of that up front.  I am speaking on the whole, at the meta level… but it will all be backed up with specific examples.

Oh, I am sorry.  You meant ‘about’ me.  I am a writer, musician, and full time rock music scholar.  I have a band, my main writing site, and my music writing site.  the 27 club is something that has been gestating in me as long as I can remember.  The idea started out as a piece for my main writing site.  Then, of course, I had to cross post it to my music writing site.  Then… I realized this was too big a fish to fit into my little narcissistic canoe.  It’s its own thing.  It deserves it’s own site.  Forgive me, I had to log off for a bit and spend a LONG time figuring out which of those ‘its’ is supposed to have a possessive apostrophe.  I have a degree in literature, I should know this.  I even write pieces on grammar and grammar pet peeves… but this one always seems to escape me.

This is all just for fun.  I make no money on these sites.  I have even turned down ads.  I spend no money on these sites.  I get it all free through the wonderful people at WordPress.  I pay Go Daddy about $30 a year to maintain my URLS, and that is about it.

Like playing music, and writing about music, this is all for love of the game.

Comments?  I LOVE them.  I never censor my critics.  If you post something that is thoughtful, even if it argues every single point I make.  What I am most looking for is the discussion.  Don’t tell me I am dumb, or wrong.  Please tell me why I am dumb, and wrong.  If you take the effort, chances are you will be right!

I can prove my last point.  Take a look at this post.  I knew it would be controversial, but pretty much every single comment is trying to tell me how wrong I am.  Sadly, too few make the effort to prove me wrong… but I still love the discussion.  It’s a dance, back and forth.  Heck, just look at the names of my two sites – I am Correct.com, and Maybe I am Wrong.com.

Lastly, for the proper ‘about me’ biography… I already wrote it once.  Let’s just use that.

Let’s close with this gem, that I someone only discovered a few years ago –

Be yourself.  Everyone else is taken. – Oscar Wilde



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