was it suicide?

Yes.  I am not talking about the ‘obvious’ suicides, either (like Cobain).  I am talking about unconscious, and accidental suicides.  Yes, accidental suicides (mostly drug related).  Is that a thing?  With a decent background in psychology, I am going to say it’s a thing.  What do I mean?

What I mean is an accidental suicide being, on some level, on purpose.  I am talking about the subconscious.  It’s the Freudian piece of your personality you refuse to acknowledge… but will still find a way to manifest.  This very often manifests (shows up) in your dreams.  Basically, you can’t betray who you are or what you think.  Not to yourself, bubba.

They talk about attempted suicides being a ‘cry for help’.  This is exactly what I mean.  Sometimes. The suicide ‘attempt’ works.

Artist, many of them anyway, are fragile creatures.  Remember Jim Morrison?  You know him as a drunken asshole bully, right?  You should, he was.  However, go find footage of him at the beginning of the Doors.  He really is a delicate young kid.  Being super rich and famous just destroyed him.

Am I saying ‘oh poor baby rich rock star has it SO tough’?

Yes.  Yes, I am.  We broke that guy, and we made that monster.  There is no question Jim was a monster at the end.  Morrison was a colossal drunken asshole by the end who didn’t give a shit about fans, his band, or himself.  It’s why he dropped everything and disappeared.  I don’t think he meant to die, though. Not like that.  I think he wanted to shed everything… fame, his drug and alcohol problem, his band… everything.  Disappear for a few years and get some perspective.  France was absolutely the best place to go, too.  I’ll explain that later (remind me if I don’t.  I have a lot to say about France as the choice)

Ed note:  I wrote a separate piece on Jim years ago on my music site.  It addresses a lot of these thoughts.  Here is a short cut for you.  You know how they talk about being President takes years off your life?  How about being a rock star?  Let’s look at Jim re-fame… and post fame.  This isn’t 40 years, though it looks like it. It was less than 5 years.


We have a BRIEF window between shy reclusive film school student (who for years was too shy to even face the crowd while he sung)… that is Jim above.

OT: Jim Morrison On Why Fat Is Beautiful

Now that, above, is fat drunken hobo Jim Morrison (collect ’em all!)    Dude lived a LOT of life in between those two photos.  They look decades apart, and they aren’t.  Most likely, those two pictures above at about 3 years apart at the most.

10 Poems By Jim Morrison That Will Turn Your World Upside Down - Books

but man… ever so briefly… we had this Jim Morrison, above.  Look at that grace and peace.  That is the fully realized Jim Morrison.   I reckon’ this phase lasted not more than about a year.  Let’s remember him this way, shall we?

I don’t think Jim or Janis or Jimi wanted to be dead, either.  However, they were all pretty fucking spent by the time they died.  They weren’t just the biggest rock stars on Earth… they were mostly on that downside of that fame.  For Janis, you may think she was JUST fresh off her biggest success by a mile with ‘Me & Bobby McGee’.  In fact, it was her only hit.  Guess what, like Bradley Nowell (Sublime, and another 27’er) she died just days before the breakthrough album came out.  So, she never saw that success.  It breaks my heart.  Neither did Bradley, who was several mediocre albums in with Sublime, when he died just a few days before releasing one of those most impactful rock albums EVER.  Another similar sad side note – Otis Redding died right before ‘Sitting on the Dock of the Bay’ came out.  We don’t count him in the club, though.  His age was right (26), but it was a plane crash.

What is worse than being the biggest star on Earth?  Having BEEN the biggest star in the world, and knowing that’s over.  For EVERY SINGLE ONE of these dead 27 year old rock stars… do you know that they had ahead of them?  They sure do!  Everyone of them knows they have the next 50 years to play state fairs, try and ween off drugs, and play that same goddamn song every fucking night.

So… death isn’t necessarily their intent… but it certainly is an option.  “better to burn out, than to fade away”


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