was it the drugs

No.  That’s too easy, and to lazy.  It wasn’t the drugs.  But… let’s look at the drugs, shall we?

Ok, yeah… it kinda was the drugs.  I say it wasn’t, because that isn’t the driver… but it is definitely an impact we have to look at.  Let’s say you die at 27, and it is associated with drugs.  Odds are, you have been doing drugs for a good ten years.  This means it takes you a LOT more drugs now, then it did then, to get off.

I used to a little but the little wouldn’t do it so the little got more and more. I just keep trying to get a little better, said a little better than before

Now contrast that with the fact that your body isn’t 18 anymore.  You are doing more drugs, on a more fragile body.  Your body isn’t great anymore when you are 27.  There is a reason why you send 18 year olds to go to war.

Now, you have more free time, too.  Why?  Because your band isn’t as big as it was, and it likely will never be gain.  Maybe if I get a little high, I can chase that inspiration that made me so great when I was younger.  What have I got to lose?