Paul McCartney – 27 club?

Yes, the ‘real’ Paul McCartney died in a car crash in 1966, when he was just 27.  The British govt understood how important the Beatles were to the psyche an wellbeing (probably true) and so they orchestrated a cover up.  Paul was replaced with an actor, either Billy Shears (of Sgt Pepper fame, which came two years after), or William Campbell.  The Beatles made many references over the years to this, if you knew were to look.

This is, of course, total nonsense.  Well, they were right about a couple things.  The Beatles did make reference to Paul being dead.  Why?  They found it hilarious.  Most of the clues they found are absolute non-sense though.  A case of confirmation bias.  Look for the number 23, you will start to see it everywhere.  I never noticed Dodge trucks, until I had one.  Now, I see them everywhere.

Paul is fine.  Even if Paul wasn’t fine, let’s look at the evidence.  If Paul died in 1966, then everything after is fake Paul.  This means everything on Let it Be, Abbey Road, Sgt Peppers, and Rubber Soul.   the song Band on the Run, is by fake Paul?  Ok, with all that in mind, I’ll take fake Paul any day.

Go ahead… google it.  It does make for some great reading.  In closing, here is the proof positive, they say, that Paul is dead.

The Beatles Abbey Road Album cover web optimised 820

and let’s say its true.  Let’s compare the body of work that we got from real Paul (everything up to 1966), and everything after with fake Paul.  Fake Paul gives us Yesterday, Blackbird, the whole Sgt Peppers album, and the terrific Wing’s song ‘Band on the Run’.  If I have to chose a body of work, I am on team fake Paul all day long.


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